“Man is above all else mind, consciousness -- that is, he is a product of history, not of nature.” 
― Antonio Gramsci

We organize exhibitions of work created by our artists-in-residence, our workshops, and exhibitions curated by guest curators. Please contact us if you have an idea to curate a new exhibition, or are looking for a venue for an existing one.

found topographies - 2018


Grace Morgan is a photographer from Brooklyn, NY. She began photographing street art while on a long walk in Oaxaca, Mexico, and has since continued to find and photograph interpretations of street pieces from cities around the world, including Berlin, Beirut, Cartagena (Colombia), Cagliari (Sardinia), Milan, and San Francisco. Traveling and walking, she has come to see this urban art as a powerfully communicative and reflective visual art form. She has shown her work at VESPA Projects Gallery in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. She has large prints available on her website and two books available for purchase below.

manifesto 2111 - 2018

fabrizio caròla & studio 2111

A mini-retrospective of architect Fabrizio Caròla’s drawings, photo-documentations of his architectural projects, from the beginning to-date.

emotional anatomy treaty - 2018

andrea pennisi & virginia caldarella

An exhibition of the original illustration tables of the book Emotional Anatomy Treaty.

Inspired by Leonardo's Treatise on Anatomy and the Hippocratic Humoral Theory, this surreal "Treatise", attributed to the phantom Melanio da Colìa, scholar of illnesses and emotional therapies, who lived in an imaginary age, illustrates and describes the typical ailments of the poet and the dreamer, of the pirate and the savage, and the poisons and antidotes animating and contaminating our "emotional anatomy".

bos taurus - 2016

Arsenio Pandolfo photographs

Court Tree Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

From the exhibition catalogue:

“Most recently, the discovery of what might possibly be Francis Bacon’s final work has made headlines. Bacon’s canvas depicts a bull, half in shadow and half in light, either receding or emerging, suggesting the ambiguity of death as either an end, as a beginning, or both. Bacon’s work suggests that we are not finished wrestling with the image and possibility of being transformed by the bull.”