parametric design - 2018

rosella siani

Pattern Your Life: Bando di Concorso - 2018

From the urban fabric of Naples to a Korean window, from desert dunes to a voronoi, from the volute of a capital to the style of the Viennese secession, from the mashrabiyya to the labyrinth of the cathedral of Chartres: these are some of the references of the authors of the realized Patterns from VAHA, Rossella Siani's project.

"Pattern Your Life" is a competition that is gathering the creativity of numerous designers, called to create a pattern inspired by the architectural lexicon of many traditions and produce objects with digital manufacturing technologies - 3D printer, laser cutter, milling cutter.

The competition is part of a process of research and dissemination on digital manufacturing technologies and algorithmic design promoted by the VAHA project, a digital archive of examples useful for those who want to undertake a journey of learning and experimentation on these issues.

All projects have a dimension of 12x12 cm, small squares juxtaposed to one another to form an unexpected final composition. Each square is a work, but the set of squares is itself a work. Technology, architecture or art? What are they as a whole? An open work in progress? A collective project?

BACAS will host the exhibition from July 6 to the 16, and the award ceremony on July 7, in the space of the Castello Macchiaroli in Teggiano (SA) where VAHA will be in-residence and also conduct 3D printing demonstrations.

The competition is still open, the announcement and the news are available on the website