FAQ for residencies

+ who should apply?

BACAS welcomes artists/scholars at all stages of their professional careers to apply for our residency program. Check out our disciplines before applying for a residency at BACAS.

+ is there an age requirement?

Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome to apply.

+ may students apply?

Yes, students may apply. However, we recommend that students join our mailing list to receive updates on our Study Abroad Programs, launching soon.

+ what should I bring?

You should bring all materials needed for your proposed work. We recommend that you bring an unlocked cell phone and purchase an Italian SIM card upon arrival in Italy, or have an affordable and unlimited international data plan with your current provider.

+ how many artists/scholars are in residence during your sessions?

This will be variable. If you respond to an open call, there will probably be 2-3 other artists/scholars at the same time as you, as well as guests (between 10-20) of a separate gathering. If you submit an application and propose your own timeline, you could be using the Castello's studio space alone.

+ do I have to work only on my proposed project while a resident?

As an artist/scholar at BACAS, you will be in charge of your own productivity and managing your own time.

+ can I buy art supplies in Teggiano?

It will be best to purchase and ship specific art supplies to arrive around/before your arrival. There is also an art supply store with limited choices in a nearby town, a 15-minute drive away.

+ what kind of workspaces are provided?

Studio space will be provided within the Castello. All artistic materials should be brought by the artists. Be specific in your proposal about what kinds of materials you will be bringing or any requests for studio space you might need. With advance notice, we will do our best to provide the requested materials to accommodate your needs.

+ does BACAS accommodate family or pets?

BACAS will make every effort to accommodate requests for spouses/significant others/children/pets, if included in the proposal. Please note that additional costs may be incurred and covered by the resident, not by BACAS.

+ I see you also offer a slow-tourism/discovery package with your Gatherings. May I participate in any of these activities?

We are anticipating that some of our excursions are going to be so tempting that artists/scholars may want to take a day or two off to participate. With advanced notice, we are happy to accommodate you if space permits.

+ when I am in-residence, besides doing my own work, what am I expected/required to do?

Besides doing your own work, you are not required to do anything. We do encourage all our artists/scholars-in-residence to participate in evening meals (if there is a group in-residence at the same time) and ask that everyone share their work in some way (a reading/talk, an exhibition/open studio, a performance/class), but again this is not a requirement. You are in residence to work, and if you choose to just do that, that is fine. We suspect that you won’t want to miss out on the conversation and fun during meal times (not to mention the amazing food and wine) but you are not required to be there.

FAQ for gatherings

+ what should i bring?

Teggiano and many of the borghi (ancient towns) in the region are made of winding streets of cobblestones and steps. Please pack at least two pairs of comfortable shoes (especially if you will be interested in hiking), any special medication (Italian pharmacies are well-equipped, but it is better to come prepared). Passports valid for 6 months after the dates of the trips.

Some other items it will be smart to bring:

  • Adapters for any electronic devices,
  • Hiking shoes (the region is rich with amazing and remote hiking trails and trekking opportunities),
  • A bathing suit. The Cilento Coast and the Mediterranean Sea are a short drive away, and if weather permits, we will be traveling there,
  • Hat/sunglasses/sunscreen. The Italian sun is hot and strong,
  • Casual and not-so casual clothes. Italians, even in the summer, dress a little less casually than Americans. It would be good to have long pants and a dress/jacket for dining/entertaining,
  • a re-usable water bottle or canteen. Find seasonal temperatures for the region here. Pack layers of clothing accordingly.

+ who's welcome?

Everyone from all walks of life are welcome.

+ what's the activity level?

Day-to-day in the Territorio will require walking cobblestone streets, but will otherwise be calm. Some of the daily excursions will require hiking or lots of walking. If you have any concern about a daily excursion, there is no obligation to attend each and every one. We will be scheduling rest/relaxation/meditation/reflection time into every day, and there will be quiet days, when you will be able to lounge, stroll, nap, read, etc. However, if you are eager to do more, we are always willing to make recommendations for optional day trips/excursions and help you make arrangements.

+ must I go on all of the planned excursions?

No, you may opt out of any or all of the excursions, though we don’t expect that you’re going to want to.

+ payment & cancellation policy

To join us for a gathering, place deposit here on our website. You will be prompted to fill in a short form. This deposit is non-refundable. BACAS reserves the right to fully refund this deposit for any reason at any time. Once the deposit has cleared, you will receive confirmation email and a more extensive form with information we need (dietary restrictions, etc). After you have paid in full, no refunds are possible.

+ what are the amenities like?

All gatherers will stay in a hotel with a private (or shared, upon request) room, private bathroom, wifi. Breakfast & dinner are always included, and lunch is included most days.

+ what is the food like?

This region of Southern Italy is considered to be the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet. Food is seasonal, local, and fresh. Meats, fresh and cured, cheeses and vegetables are plentiful. Along the coast seafood is king. Pizza was born here. Breakfasts are lighter than a typical American breakfast. Lunches are longer, and dinner is an event with conversation, many courses, and good local wine. Coffee is short and strong. We encourage all guests/residents to eat as the locals do, and we will be providing a variety of samplings from the local cuisine. However, we will make arrangements for food allergies, dietary preferences, etc., within reason.

+ how do i get there?

BACAS will provide shuttle service from Rome Fiumicino Airport to the Vallo on the first day of the gathering, departing the airport at a prescribed time. Otherwise, if you flying into another airport, or coming into another city, please make your own arrangements to arrive the evening of the first day of the gathering for check-in (we will be happy to help you coordinate). You are responsible for organizing and paying for your own flights.

+ I see that BACAS is an arts and cultural community. Do I need to be an artist or a scholar to attend?

You do not need to be an artist or a scholar to attend a BACAS Gathering. We are hoping, though, that you are arts and culture-curious, that you will enjoy the artist-curated portion of the gathering, and the opportunity to be around an exciting and vibrant group of artists and thinkers during your stay.

+ do I need to know Italian to attend a Gathering?

You do not need to know Italian to attend a Gathering. However, part of what makes the BACAS experience special is direct interaction with the local people who don't necessarily speak English. All excursions will be primarily in English. Your hosts speak English, as do most of the other guests and artists/scholars in residence. However, some rudimentary Italian … hello/goodbye/thank you/I would like a coffee/this is beautiful… will be helpful and fun for you to practice.

+ anything else I need to know?

BACAS is not a commercial tour operator. We provide immersive, cultural experiences, slow/eco-tourism, and discovery of less-travelled paths.