In Teggiano between Via Sant'Agostino and Via Corpo di Cristo, a permanent project will be realized, titled - Il Terzo Paradiso (Third Paradise) by Michelangelo Pistoletto, produced and coordinated by the Donnaregina Foundation Madre, T.A.NA. - Terranova Arte Natura, Arpaise with Artstudio'93 cultural association, Naples, and BACAS - Borghi Antichi Cultura Arti e Scienze, Vallo di Diano-New York.

The Terzo Paradiso, conceived by Michelangelo Pistoletto (Biella, 1933), represents the extension and the fusion of both of the "first paradise" and of the so-called "second paradise". If the first is that in which human beings were totally integrated into nature, the second is the artificial paradise developed by human intelligence with science and technology, which generate, in parallel with beneficial effects, irreversible processes of degradation and consumption of the world natural. This "third stage" takes as its symbol the reconfiguration of the mathematical sign of the infinite, composed of three consecutive circles in which the two outer circles represent all the differences and antinomies, like nature and artifice, while the central one is their generative interpenetration of a new humanity, a renewed balance between human beings and the environment. The Terzo Paradiso is therefore the third phase of humanity, which is realized in the balanced connection between artifice and nature. Rebirth-Day is the day of celebration of the Terzo Paradiso and underlines the commitment of each member of a community to collaborate in a responsible transformation of society in the world.

Ambassador Rebirth, Arch. Giorgio Ferraris, will reach the city of Teggiano for work on the photogrammetric survey and on the tracing of the infinity symbol, which will be painted directly on the asphalt of Via Sant'Agostino and Via Corpo di Cristo with the paint of Rebirth Color. This will be the first collective operation carried out with citizens, schools and local authorities that will end with a flashmob.

The final project will be carried out during the Contemporary Art Park in Vallo di Diano - Works, ideas, projects, people from the Madre collection - follow on facebook at - - to culminate in the creation of a permanent installation, by the beginning of 2020.

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