I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality,
order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time…

– Charles Dickens

Our labs are led by masters of each discipline. BACAS’ 2018 programming included two labs: an architectural lab led by Studio2111 Fabrizio Carola Associati and a creative writing lab led by Leonardo Colombati.

architecture labs - 2018

studio2111 - fabrizio carola e associati

The architectural lab “Ancient Technology for a New Architecture” explored the use of the ancient technology of the Nubian Compass as a method for architectural construction contrasted with the backdrop of a symposium by Enrico Dini on the pioneering of large scale 3-D monolithic printing as a future technology.

Stefania Vestuto, Architect - 2018
Luigi Di Pietro, Architect - 2018
Giulia Calzolari - Architecture workshop - 2018
Pio Lorenzo Cocco - Architecture workshop - 2018
Massimo Congiu’ - Architecture workshop - 2018
Alessandro Di Mauro - Architecture workshop - 2018
Carla Ingrosso - Architecture workshop - 2018
Martina Petrosino - Architecture workshop - 2018
Giorgia Parente - Architecture workshop - 2018
Simone Ulino - Architecture workshop - 2018
Angela Verde, Architecture workshop - 2018

creative writing lab - 2018

Leonardo Colombati and the Molly Bloom school

Immaginare è conoscersi”, the three days intensive creative writing lab, curated by renown novelist Leonardo Colombati of the Scuola di Scrittura Creativa Molly Bloom, explored the four tools employed in crafting a short story, the aim of the seminar: Word, Memory, Imagination, and Voice.

Rada Innamorato - Creative writing workshop - 2018
Eugenia Massari - Creative writing workshop - 2018
Rossella Pascuccio - Creative writing workshop - 2018
Michele Severino - Creative writing workshop - 2018
Erika Pinto - Creative writing workshop - 2018
Rocco Maria Turco - Creative writing workshop - 2018
Aurora Cataldo - Creative writing workshop - 2018