step 2 of 2: Health Waiver


+ Guidelines for Gatherers

Residents must uphold general standards of courtesy, decorum and decency. Disruptive behavior of any kind that adversely alters the trip’s environment will lead to termination of your stay with BACAS.

If you participant in internet social networking such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, we request that you not post the names, photos or quotes of your fellow travelers or BACAS staff without asking permission first.

By signing below, I certify that all the information submitted here is correct, and that I have read and agree to the above guidelines for gatherers. I accept that if I violate these conditions, BACAS may at any time end my stay with them, with no refund.

In consideration of my participation in the artist immersion program ("program") and by typing my name below, I hereby, on behalf of myself, my heirs, or fiduciaries, agree to assume all risks incidental to any of the program's activities and I hereby release, waive, and forever discharge BACAS or its agents, from any and all claims for any personal injuries, illnesses, property loss, property damage, or any other incidental or consequential loss that I may have against the program, its agents, members, officers, employees or any other person directly or indirectly associated with the program.

I understand that participation in the program can expose me to a risk of injury or loss. I knowingly and voluntarily assume that risk by my digital signature below. I further agree to maintain a policy of insurance for medical and emergency care services on myself and I forever discharge the program, its members, agents, and employees from loss or expense incurred as a result of any injury or illness to me while participating with the program.

I certify that I have health insurance coverage and if I am not covered, I assume full responsibility for all medical bills incurred. I certify I have read the above and that I do not have, to my knowledge, any health conditions that would require serious medical attention.

This waiver shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York and any legal action relating to or arising under this waiver shall be commenced exclusively in Kings county, New York.

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