Castello Macchiaroli’s majestic spaces, both indoor and out, are the perfect settings for exhibitions, performances, conversations, readings, film screening, and workshops. From its versatile interior spaces to its stone towers overlooking the Vallo di Diano, to its cool and secluded courtyards, the Castello is ideally suited for artists/scholars-in-residence to work in silence and solitude during the day and, when desired, present their work to each other and to the public, at night..

BACAS offers a roster of cultural happenings, during its 10-day Gatherings, that might take a whole season and multiple venues to flourish in much bigger cities.  Here, internationally known artists and scholars, will showcase solo or collaborative work in the Castello’s majestic indoor and outdoor spaces, offering the residents, the travelers of our Gatherings, and the public rare opportunities, and rendering Castello Macchiaroli into a world-class performance/exhibition space.

Upcoming events:

To be scheduled, between July 6-16, 2018
at the Castello Macchiaroli




Symposium on 3-D printing & architecture
with our special guest speaker, Enrico Dini, visionary inventor.

Saturday July 7 at 11:00, Castello Macchiaroli

+ Read more

Enrico Dini is the founder and inventor of D-Shape. After working as a civil engineer, he decided to focus his attention on developing large-scale 3D printers and custom robotics. Enrico now has an extensive portfolio in the development of new robotic technologies, with his work at the cutting edge of digital manufacturing for construction. with a series of existing and ongoing commissions, he works at improving the D-Shape printer, in addition to the development of in-house technologies for global contractors

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Studio 2111

Architectural Workshop

Studio2111 with Fabrizio Caròla and associates

Saturday-Tuesday 6-16 July, all day, Castello Macchiaroli

Architects, architecture students, and others will undertake the construction of a Fabrizio Caròla dome.

Info: Italiano | English | Français | Español

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Fabrizio Caròla is an award winning architect, honored for his innovative work with ancient techniques and his humane, ecological vision of architecture. In the mid-1960s, Caròla began to focus particularly on the simple method of building domes with a Nubian compass, because of the simple method of construction, the economy of the material needed, and its potential to contribute to challenged, arid regions like African countries, by not using cement, concrete, or wood, in order to import nothing and to not over-tax scarce resources.

Since the 1970s, Caròla has focused his work on public buildings (hospitals, medical centers, hotels, public markets, mosques and schools), all using his signature dome architecture and construction. He received the "Aga Khan Award" in 1995 and the "Mediterranean Architecture Award", in 2005. In 2008, he was nominated for the "Global Award for Sustainable Architecture", along with Andrew Freear from Rural Studio and Philippe Samyn. He is also the founder of N: EA (Napoli Europa Africa), a Neapolitan NGO.

Studio2111, Fabrizio Caròla’s architecture firm, is comprised of architects from Italy and elsewhere, who have mastered the construction techniques characterizing the work of its founder. With these techniques, particularly the Nubian Compass, Studio2111 continues the bio-climatic work of Caròla’s signature techniques, as the firm moves toward zoomorphic shapes, with the utmost attention to materials, the economy, and the environment.

Any questions please email to

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Pattern Your Life: Bando di Concorso

presented by VAHA

Info: Italiano

+ Read more

From the urban fabric of Naples to a Korean window, from desert dunes to a voronoi, from the volute of a capital to the style of the Viennese secession, from the mashrabiyya to the labyrinth of the cathedral of Chartres: these are some of the references of the authors of the realized Patterns from VAHA, Rossella Siani's project.

"Pattern Your Life" is a competition that is gathering the creativity of numerous designers, called to create a pattern inspired by the architectural lexicon of many traditions and produce objects with digital manufacturing technologies - 3D printer, laser cutter, milling cutter.

The competition is part of a process of research and dissemination on digital manufacturing technologies and algorithmic design promoted by the VAHA project, a digital archive of examples useful for those who want to undertake a journey of learning and experimentation on these issues.

All projects have a dimension of 12x12 cm, small squares juxtaposed to one another to form an unexpected final composition. Each square is a work, but the set of squares is itself a work.

Technology, architecture or art? What are they as a whole? An open work in progress? A collective project?

BACAS will host the exhibition from July 6 to the 16, and the award ceremony on July 7, in the space of the Castello Macchiaroli in Teggiano (SA) where VAHA will be in-residence and also conduct 3D printing demonstrations.

The competition is still open, the announcement and the news are available on the website




Writers Walking: a literary evening featuring our four writers-in-residence

Friday July 13 at 19:00, Castello Macchiaroli

An evening of readings from our four writers-in-residence, (a American novelist and esteemed literary figure aimlessly strolling á la Baudelaire in often-seen and usually-unseen Paris; a Jamaican essayist contemplating the complications, and the joys, of walking as a black man in America; an Italian novelist discovering a city and her own way out of grief in New York; and a poet who walks to disconnect from the day-to-day, and digital, world and to connect to essential rhythms of breathing and poetry).

The evening will feature readings from each writer (in English with Italian translation, or in Italian with English translation) with a short conversation to follow.

+ Read more on Edmund White

Edmund White has recently been awarded the prestigious 2018 PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Career Achievement in American Fiction, joining an elite group of former winners, comprised of Phillip Roth, Don DeLillo, Cormac McCarthy, Toni Morrison, and Louise Erdrich. The judges of this year’s award cite White’s “honest, beautifully wrought and fiercely defiant books,” which number many and include A Boy’s Own Story, The Beautiful Room is Empty, and A Farewell Symphony. He is the author of over twenty-five novels, novellas, and biographies and the editor of several anthologies. White is an Official Author of the State of New York, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, an Officier in the French Order of Arts and Letters, and winner of the France-Ameriques Award and the Sicilian Mondello Prize. White teaches writing at Princeton University and lives in New York City.

+ Read more on Garnette Cadogan

Garnette Cadogan is an essayist. He is currently a Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, and a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. In 2017, Freeman's magazine named him "one of the 29 writers from around the world who represent the future of new writing."

+ Read more on Tiziana Rinaldi Castro

Tiziana Rinaldi Castro is an Italian novelist, short story writer, poet, and Classics professor. Born in Southern Italy, Tiziana has lived in New York since 1984. She teaches Ancient Greek Literature at Montclair State University. She has published three novels in Italian, Il lungo Ritorno (2001), Due cose amare e una dolce (2007), e Come della rosa (2017), a book of poetry, Dai morti (1992), and several short stories in literary anthologies both in Italy and the US. She has just completed her first novel in the English language. Tiziana is married, has two daughters, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

+ Read more on Denver Butson

Denver Butson has published four collections of poetry, including the sum of uncountable things in 2015 and has a fifth book, The Alibis of Scarecrows, slated for publication in 2018. Over one hundred poems have appeared in literary journals, including The Yale Review, The Ontario Review, and others, and high-profile literary anthologies, including those edited by Billy Collins, Garrison Keillor, and Agha Shahid Ali. Regularly featured on National Public Radio, Butson has been thrice-nominated for the Pushcart Prize and is a New York Foundation for the Arts Individual Artist Fellow. He frequently collaborates with musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, actors, and others in an attempt to bridge gaps between artists working in different disciplines and in order to bring poetry off the page. Butson has taught literature and creative writing for universities, for public grade schools, and for his own writing studio, WritersWriting, in New York City. He has curated art exhibitions, reading series, and salons, and has served as Creative Director for non-profit arts' organizations. He lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn, New York.




Writing workshop with Leonardo Colombati and the Molly Bloom creative writing school.

July 12 & 13, from 9:00 to 17:00 - July 14, from 9:00 to 13:00, Castello Macchiaroli

+ Read more

Leonardo Colombati was born in Rome in 1970. He has published the novels Perceber (Sironi 2005; Fandango 2010), Rio (Rizzoli 2007), Il re (Mondadori 2009), 1960 (Mondadori 2014) and Estate (Mondadori 2018). He edited the volumes Bruce Springsteen: Come un killer sotto il sole. Il Grande romanzo Americano (Sironi 2007), La canzone italiana 1861-2011. Storia e testi (Mondadori-Ricordi 2011) and Bruce Springsteen: Like a Killer in the Sun. Selected Lyrics 1972-2017 (BackBeat Books 2017).

Read the program here (Italian)

Any questions email to | Facebook | Instagram




Book Presentation, Book signing, and Reading Performance
Emotional Anatomy Treaty, 2018
with Andrea Pennisi & Virginia Caldarella

Saturday July 7 at 19:00, Castello Macchiaroli

+ Read more on Andrea Pennisi

Andrea Pennisi is the publisher and founder of "Lapis" (1990/2010), sounds and visions signals in Sicily (online since 2010). With "Lapis" he has published the "Lapislazzuli" series- tough essays and comics, and cuisine articles with "Chefs, Osti & Ristori" in Sicily, and he has collaborated with the magazines "Il Male" and "Il Foglione".

An artistic director of the Lapis Festival from 1992 to 2010, he has organized in parallel Improvised Sicilian tour, international reviews of improvisational music, Other Giezz - and “possible music”, traveling festival of contemporary arts.

A self-taught musician, in 2004 he founded the band Ute Puta where he plays the trumpet. Since 2005, he has devoted himself to sound. A member of Improvvisatore Involontario, he participated in the production of the collective Naked Musicians and he engineered the sound for the Antivatican coalition against the hippies resistence by Core Design at 2008 Animateka festival in Lubijana.

Passionate about “possible music” and the interaction between music and image, from 2010 he created the Visionaria Lapsus Selection format with the name of Vj Lapsus.

His interactive audiovisual installation L'Acqua è mia is exhibited at the Palazzo Platamone in Catania. He is the creator and author, together with Dario Aiello 'Blatta', of the format La Parola è Supposta, which unites musicians, writers and visual artists.

He is currently co-leader in the projects Marco Cappelli & Vj Lapsus Ricercari & Improvisations, Brex & Lapsus dada unser, the creator of Pulp Music Cine Show, vj resident of the Rara Festival, Regenera Fest and live Italian Surf Academy, Cristina Russo Soul Combo, Babil On Suite, Involuntary Improviser.

+ Read more on Virginia Caldarella

Originally from Catania, Sicily, the ilustrator and video editor Virginia Caldarella lives in Bologna. She trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, and the Facultad de Bellas Artes in Valencia.

In Bologna she participated in several photographic exhibitions, including "Food Vision" at the Urban Center in Bologna, and the collective "StArters", organized by young artists. In 2012 she collaborated with the director Maurizio Finotto on the "Terreferme" projects promoted by MiBACT and on the production of Cucchi a passo uno, art films on the works of Enzo Cucchi, and DisinCantoIconico, on the work of Luigi Ontani.

As a video editor she has worked at the Antoniano of Bologna in the production of videos for the "Zecchino d'Oro", the legendary children talent show. Since 2014 she has collaborated with "Turisti Per Caso" as an official video editor and editor, for the realization of web series and television productions. In 2017, together with Andrea Pennisi and Marco Cappelli, she presented the preview of the project "Treatise on Emotional Anatomy" within the exhibition "The Stones @Drawing Center: Music and Visual" organized by the maestro John Zorn at The Drawing Center in New York

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Medium and Image in Contemporary Art: Conversations with the Artists

What has been the vocabulary of art? How has it changed? Contemporary art is the current status of a historical progression of the visual narrative of concepts and ideas starting with the earliest of human mark-making. What has been gained, lost or changed that limits the viewers' access to understanding the artist' expression?

Two hours of open studios and dialogue with Arturo Ianniello, Karen J Revis, and Grace Morgan, moderated by Pietro Costa.

Sunday July 8 at 19:00, Castello Macchiaroli


+ Read more on Karen J Revis

Karen J. Revis is a painter, printmaker and papermaker who lives and works in New York City. She is represented by Sears Peyton Gallery, in New York, Kaller Fine Art, in Washington D.C., and Weber Fine Art, in Greenwich, CT. She has completed residencies at Pyramid Atlantic, Henry Street Settlement, and the Women’s Studio Workshop, where she has recently become a Board Member. Karen received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute School of Art. Her work is featured in The Art of Encaustic Painting: Contemporary Expression in the Ancient Medium of Pigmented Wax, by Joanne Mattera, and it is in numerous public and private collections.

+ Read more on Arturo Ianniello

Arturo Ianniello is a Teggiano-born sculptor whose work can best be described as "painting with metal". He uses reclaimed metals found from old craft workshops, abandoned farms, and industrial archaeology deposits in the Vallo di Diano and surrounding communities. He has shown his work in galleries throughout Italy. Internationally he has had showings at the Zekevic Gallery in Belgrade and the Bosi Gallery in New York. He lives and works in Teggiano.

+ Read more on Grace Morgan

Grace Morgan is a photographer from Brooklyn, NY. She began photographing street art while on a long walk in Oaxaca, Mexico, and has since continued to find and photograph interpretations of street pieces from cities around the world, including Berlin, Beirut, Cartagena (Colombia), Cagliari (Sardinia), Milan and San Francisco. Traveling and walking she has come to see this urban art as a powerfully communicative and reflective visual art form. She has shown her work at VESPA Projects Gallery in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. She has large prints available on her website and two books available for purchase below.

+ Read more on Pietro Costa

Born in the town of Sant’Arsenio, one of the eighteen towns that make up the Vallo di Diano, Pietro Costa immigrated with his family to New York in 1972. He has been making art since 1978 and has shown his work in one-person and group exhibitions in the U.S. and in Italy, and in two exhibitions (2003 and 2006) at the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula. His work is part of the Guggenheim collection and has been reviewed by Italian and American publications. Costa has worked alongside numerous artists and curators (1982-1996) at the Guggenheim Museum installing hundreds of exhibitions world-wide as well as working on the realization of the Guggenheim Museums SOHO and Guggenheim Bilbao, and spent three years with Richard Serra assisting him in the production, engineering, and exhibition of his large-scale works. He received a New York Foundation for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship in 2003, the same year he founded Luquer Street Projects, a not-for-profit - a 501(c)3 - to promote interdisciplinary activities among artists, ultimately inspiring the founding of BACAS.





with our musicians-in-residence, Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio and Daniele Del Monaco

Wednesday July 11th at 20:00, Castello Macchiaroli

+ Read more about the Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio

Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio Marco Cappelli (guitar), Ken Filiano (bass), Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

The Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio explores the "chamber music" sound of Cappelli's classical prepared guitar in combination with Ken Filiano’s powerful acoustic bass playing and Satoshi Takeishi’s very special set of percussion. The trio was formed back in 2009 by three very active improvisers in the New York avant-garde music scene and gained a reputation through many appearances in New York's venues as well as two European Tours in 2011 and 2013.

Cappelli’s original music for the trio is inspired by mystery literature. Their first CD, Les Nuages en France (Mode Records, 2011) is dedicated to French writer Fred Vargas. The second cd release, titled Le Stagioni del Commissario Ricciardi, (Tzadik, 2013), is dedicated to Italian writer Maurizio De Giovanni and his fiction character Commissario Ricciardi, whose action takes place in Naples during the time of the fascist Mussolini regime in 1930s.

Highly acclaimed by the press, the last cd has received "four stars" by the prestigious DownBeat Magazine, which noted the "actractive themes and hooky grooves", and " the cinematic, even sinister quality of this music".

Nowadays the Trio is working on a new recording project dedicated to the Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø in collaboration with special guest Oscar Noriega on clarinet and DJ Olive on turntables.

The Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio is also collaborating with Italian composer Daniele Del Monaco at the projects PSYCHOPLUM! and THE ZONE (this latter also featuring singer Fay Victor and guitarist Marc Ribot).

+ Read more about Marco Cappelli

Marco Cappelli has led an extraordinary artistic path, first becoming familiar with rigorous written music, then with free improvisation languages. The diversity of Marco’s performances is due to a fascinating array of collaborations (Anthony Coleman, Michel Godard, Butch Morris, Franco Piersanti, Jim Pugliese, Enrico Rava, Marc Ribot, Elliott Sharp and more), and jazz and avant-garde music festivals, both as a soloist and in ensemble settings. He is one of the founders of the acclaimed Italian contemporary music group "Ensemble Dissonanzen". Cappelli currently lives in New York, where he is involved with the contemporary and avant-garde music scene.

+ Read more about Ken Filiano

Active since the early '80s, bassist Ken Filiano has since contributed to dozens of albums, most of them pertaining to creative jazz -- from post-bop to free improvisation. An educator, the bassist has taught at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), New York State University (Buffalo), UCLA, and Rutgers University. In 2002, Filiano finally released his first solo album, titled Subvenire. The November 2010 release Dreams from a Clown Car marked the recording debut of Filiano’s Quantum Entanglements quartet, featuring saxophonists Tony Malaby and Michaël Attias and drummer Michael T.A. Thompson.

+ Read more about Satoshi Takeishi

Drummer, percussionist, and arranger Satoshi Takeishi is a native of Mito, Japan. He studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. While at Berklee he developed an interest in the music of South America and went to live in Colombia following the invitation of a friend. He continues to explore multi-cultural, electronics, and improvisational music with local musicians and composers in New York.

+ Read more about Daniele Del Monaco

Composer and keyboard player based in Rome, Daniele Del Monaco was born in 1977. He is the author of chamber music, symphonic music, operas, music for theatre, electronics, electro-acoustic, multimedia operas, music for films, song, and interactive installations. He’s also an interpreter, improviser, teacher, music producer, band-leader, and organizer. He works with artistic directors, institutions, ensembles, authors, and interpreters from all over the world. His music was performed in international festivals, broadcasted on the radio and tv, and published. It is known in academic and extra-academic contexts. In 2007 he started the activity of indipendent producer, thanks to the collaboration with classical musicians, improvisers, and experimental artists. The most representative works are: Guernica, 2007; Simurgh, 2007 (with Flavio Albanese); Prove di fuga dalla terra, 2008 (with Salvo Piro); Psicosusina Turboaccelerata 2013; Caligola, 2014 (with Vania Castelfranchi); The Zone, 2014 (with Blixa Bargeld and Theodosii Spassov). For most of them he wrote also the libretto. He collaborated with such artists as Flavio Albanese, Alea Nova, Marco Ariano, Tom Arthurs, Blixa Bargeld, Roberto Bellatalla, Ljuba Bergamelli, Andrea Biagioli, Gustavo Brinholi, Matteo Capogna, Marco Cappelli, Vania Castelfranchi, Anna Clementi, Gabriele Coen, Massimo Coen, Stefano Cogolo, Eugenio Colombo, Vocalia Consort, Bert Cornelis, Francesco Cusa, Errico De Fabritiis, Rocco De Rose, Zeno De Rossi, Barbara Di Lieto, Diaspora, Ken Filiano, Avrham Fever, FACha Quartet, Freon, Oliviero Giorgiutti, Giovanni Guaccero, Maura Guerrera, Yotam Haber, Quartetto Harmos , Roberto Herlitzka, Incanto, Nicholas Isherwood, Pape Kanoute, JT Lewis, Armando Lôbo , Fabio Maestri, Mark Malkovitch, Paolo Marchettini, Sabina Mayer, Sylvia Maynger, Luca Mereu, Giona Messina, Josè Mobilia, Claudio Montuori, Sandro Naglia, Sena Ndiaye, Alipio Neto, Nublast, Økapi, Benny Penazzi, Salvo Piro, Raiz, Ready Made Ensemble, Susanna Rigacci, Adam Rudolph, Gianluca Ruggeri, Sandro Satta, Alessandro Sbordoni, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Francesco Snoriguzzi, Theodosii Spassov, SPMT, Tabala, Satoshi Takeishi, Stomu Takeishi, Gianfranco Tedeschi, Pamela Toscano, VoxNova, Aldo Vio, Stefano Zorzanello, etc. He is an author of dramaturgy, poetry, small essays, and critical, polemic, & satirical articles. He is a member of Nuova Consonanza and of the international collective Diaspora. He is artistic and musical director of LCP. He loves spearfishing.

+ Read more about the Event

PSYCHOPLUM! is a mutlimedia opera by genius Italian composer composer/keyboardist Daniele del Monaco and the band formed by the outstanding New York based band Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio (Marco Cappelli, guitar - Ken Filiano, bass - Satoshi Takeishi, percussion).

The complexity of both the score and the video technology involved in PSYCHOPLUM! requires intense preparation, ideally in retreat, before delivering the piece in public. That's why we are honored to have been invited by BACAS as artists-in-residence next July in the Castello Macchiaroli.

A premiere of PSYCHOPLUM! will be given at Castello Macchiaroli in Teggiano at the end of the band’s residency. A New York premiere is scheduled for September 2018.

Read more about the program here. Dates to be confirmed.

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Watch 3 video trailers made last February in Brooklyn, which better explain the combination of media and styles that make PSYCHOPLUM! an unique artistic experience:


Additional events will be added, please check back in.