Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

BACAS offers individually-tailored residencies for artists and scholars in Teggiano, a medieval hilltop village in Southern Italy, an hour and a half south of Naples. Our residents may work in total or limited solitude, and/or in concert with others, in a fully-restored 12th-century stone castle.

Because we respect the sanctity of time and space needed to create, we make no demands upon our residents, and do everything we can to protect their solitude and silence, as they work in the Castello.



visual arts

BACAS provides visual artists-in-residence with semi-private or communal workspace in a 12th-Century restored castle with lots of natural light, high ceilings, and stunning views. Though limited private studio space is available for visual artists, the grand spaces offer ample room for work and reflection.

film/video arts

Film/video artists come to BACAS residencies to conceive, shoot, and edit work.  Surrounded by natural and man-made beauty, the castle offers film and visual artists studio space and the opportunity for community with other artists/scholars in residence.  Film/video artists need to provide their own equipment, but BACAS will work with residents to provide any materials that can be procured locally.


Writers in residence at BACAS have the opportunity for private, semi-private, or communal workspace in a fully restored, 12-the century castle with sweeping mountain and valley views. We believe the environment of the town as well as the region of Salerno in Italy will provide quiet, calm, and solitude for writers to focus and work.  Writers have many choices through BACAS to find their physical work space -- in the Castello's vast indoor and outdoor spaces, in the hotel, or in the cafes and piazza of Teggiano.

theater arts

Actors, directors, playwrights and other theater practitioners in residence at BACAS are provided semi-private/communal work/rehearsal space, opportunities for performance, etc. in a 12th-Century Castle. BACAS tries to accommodate acting troupes or theater groups when possible.  Ample opportunity for exploration of local spaces for performance, as well. BACAS welcomes individuals seeking to make use of solitary time for monologue work, as well as groups looking to practice plays, skits, improv, etc. There is ample indoor and outdoor space for rehearsals with large groups.


BACAS will connect dancers, dance troupes, choreographers in-residence with rehearsal/performance space, indoors and outdoors on the grounds of the Castello or throughout the region, based on needs and availability.


Resident Musicians/Composers/Musical ensembles at BACAS can work in private/semi-private studios in a 12th-Century castle.  Ample opportunity for performance and/or work in solitude.

architecture/design arts

Architects and designers, with the Castello's unique with the backdrop of Southern Italy and the beauty and grace of a 12th-Century castle, can work in solitude or in groups on projects while in residence at BACAS.

food and farming

With centuries of “locavore” culture -- by necessity not by trend -- the territories of Southern Italy provide a natural laboratory for farmers, chefs, sustainability practitioners in residence at BACAS.  Here they can work with local agritorismi, culinary schools, chefs, shepherds, farmers, and the like and can have semi-private or communal space (and a state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen) to work on their ideas.

traditional arts

Traditional arts of textiles, ceramics, crafts, furniture making, and more are vibrant and thriving in the territories around BACAS’ 12th-Century castle.  Traditional artists in residence work in solitude or in concert with others and also have a vast wealth of traditional artists, artisans, and craftspeople nearby with whom to collaborate, apprentice, and work.


BACAS is a laboratory for ideas and creative thought. Our scholars and researchers in residence enjoy the quiet, the natural beauty and the historical significance of the 12th-Century castle for inspiration as they work on papers, books, and treatises in private, semi-private, or communal workspaces.

social engagement

At BACAS, we believe that ideas and passion do not simply live (or die) in universities, museums and libraries but are an active part of daily life and change. We believe that making art, participating in conversation, and inspiring and being inspired by others are political acts, even more so in a world increasingly based on commerce and the accumulation of wealth.  To that end, BACAS welcomes social thinkers, activists, and change-makers to be in residence here -- to work on ideas, develop strategies, implement change in our ever-smaller world, in this ever-more-crucial time.


BACAS is a place for conversation, interaction, ideas -- a laboratory of inspiration and thought.  Our philosophers and thinkers in residence might just need a couple weeks or a few months of solitude (and connection with others) outside of their daily lives to work on ideas, papers, and books.  BACAS offers private, semi-private, and communal workspace for such ideas to germinate and grow into the light.


Morning or evening sun salutations on the secluded tower of a 12th-Century Castle.  Quiet indoor or outdoor space for practice and meditation.  Possible opportunities to share your practice and knowledge with others in residence.  BACAS offers physical and mental space, solitude and quiet for such work.


We don’t have science labs or equipment but we do offer space (in a 12th-Century castle), solitude, and quiet for study and writing.  And with the vast natural and historical resources of the surrounding territories, scientists are provided with a perfect backdrop and inspiration to do their work.

collaborative work

BACAS can also host artists wishing to collaborate on a project together.  From artists working in the same discipline to those working across disciplines, BACAS offers physical and mental space and time, and ample opportunities to collaborate, interact, and explore.


Just because your field is not listed above does not mean that you cannot be a resident at BACAS.  We just might not have thought of it, or you might be doing something so forward-thinking that we don’t even know about it yet.  Let us know what you’re working on and how being a resident at work in a 12th-Century castle surrounded by astonishing natural and man-made beauty and as part of conversations with others also in residence could benefit your work (and how your work could benefit BACAS) and we will try to make space for you.