castello macchiaroli

Perched on a hill, in the middle of the Vallo di Diano eighty kilometers south of the province of Salerno, Castello Macchiaroli, is one of the important fortresses of Southern Italy. Built during the Middle Ages, Castello Macchiaroli has been at the center of historical strife, including the Conspiracy of the Barons in 1485, when it belonged to the Sanseverino family. The Castello successfully overcame the two-month-long siege by armies of King Federico D'Aragona. The Macchiaroli family took ownership in 1860 and since has largely restored, transforming it into a fairytale residence.

In recent years, Gisella Macchiaroli has stewarded the Castello through restoration and renovation -- rebuilding the ancient walkway, returning the majestic towers to their former glory, and removing architectural barriers to make the Castello more accessible to everyone. Today, under Gisella’s guidance, the Castello is an elegant and refined residence for the Macchiaroli family and the center of historical re-enactments and cultural happenings for the community. 

In its new incarnation as an artistic and cultural residency program and laboratory, Castello Macchiaroli and BACAS envision a new chapter in the Castello’s history -- in which artists and scholars, inspired by the Castello’s sweeping views of the Vallo and the grand spaces throughout, create, perform, collaborate, and exhibit their work. This new chapter will strengthen the Castello’s connection to Teggiano and the surrounding communities of the Vallo, and as BACAS grows, it will usher in further restoration of the Castello.